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About the Program

Divya Gyan College has emerged as the first choice for many aspiring students to make their career in Business and Information Technology. Bachelor of Business Studies is a four year eight semesters program of Tribhuvan University. It is a platform to establish as Managers, leaders in the field of Business environment. The managerial knowledge combined with theory and practice instills the essential skills and foundations to emerge as global leaders, managers and entreprenuers in Business sector. Most of the commercial activities take place in Nepal and the main companies have their foundations in heart of Capital City called Kathmandu. Some of the thriving enterprises are banks, insurance, finance, tourism,and outsourcing. To fill up in the jobs at various job levels BBS program is the foundation and pillar for young dynamic and active youths to earn and brush up their skills and knowledge of Business Administration in the dynamic environment of modern day business world.

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