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About the Program

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is one of the most sought after academic degree by the IT based companies in Nepal. At Divya Gyan, it is all about shaping the young minds to the study of Computer Applications which have a tremendous scope in modern day Companies to solve the day to day problems of Computer system and generate revenue through the information center. BCA is a four years eight semesters program of Tribhuvan University. At Divya Gyan the teaching of BCA is rigorous and also highlights some of the key notable features which only few can give:

  • Divya Gyan provides free Professional training every semester in IT courses and studying BCA become pragmatic.
  • It provides guided internship after the training in the respective area under the supervision and professional guidance of IT professionals.
  • It develops real time projects and software applications and BCA students can use this facility to their peak advantage.
  • College also provides job opportunities after the internship program to their students. Currently students on fourth year have started doing part time jobs and making side income for themselves.
  • College also recruits highly capable, proficient teachers and lecturers for teaching the BCA Program. Due to their experience and exposure in professional field they can add valuable insights about professioanal atmosphere for BCA students and shape their career paths.


BCA syllabus is about Computer Application studies so I choose to study it. Here, at Divya Gyan there are training oriented classes backed by Professional teachers. It is also tied up with Colleges Nepal so learning opportunity and experiences become huge. Besides, internship provided here has help me gain valuable experiences to shape up my career. Non credit courses are significant and taught well at Divya Gyan College.I am happy and satisfied as a student while studying at Divya Gyan College. 



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