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About the University

EHL, located in Switzerland, is a renowned and world-class benchmark for hotel management schools. It specializes in training French hoteliers in management and project management skills. With a history of 125 years, EHL is known for its premium academic curriculum, emphasis on industrial practice and innovation, and its ability to help students launch successful international careers in the hospitality business

Academic Programs

EHL offers top-quality academic programs that are recognized globally. It provides a range of short courses, including certificates in Culinary and Restaurant Management, online certificates, and short courses in Singapore and Passugg. At the bachelor's level, EHL offers programs such as Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hospitality Professional. At the graduate level, EHL offers programs such as Master in Global Hospitality Business, MBA in Hospitality, Executive Master of Business Administration, Master in Wine and Hospitality with Kedge, and Hospitality EMBA in China with CEIBS.


Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has two campuses in Switzerland, located in Lausanne and Passugg. It also has a campus in Singapore, providing international opportunities for students.

Student Life and Resources

EHL Campus welcomes over 3,000 students from 120 countries, creating a diverse and multicultural environment. Students have the opportunity to join various clubs and societies and follow the customs and traditions established by generations of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne society. The university provides sports facilities, additional restaurants capable of accommodating up to 450 people, a demonstration kitchen, an organic orchard, a kitchen garden, and a running trail. EHL is committed to providing students with an eco-friendly learning environment.