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Education News, Jestha 2075

 Bank and Financial Institutions in Nepal give jobs for graduate students

Some of the leading banks and financial companies have announced vacancies to extract human resource by announcing vacancies. Some of the recently published vacancy announcements are mentioned below:

  •   NIC Asia Bank: 10 June 2018.
  •   Shangrila Developemnt bank: 18 June 2018.
  •   Deprosc Laghubitta Bikas Bank Limited: 10 June 2018.
  •   Asian Development Bank: 8 June 2018.

For more details please go to the Website of mentioned banks.

TU to provide academic transcript within 24 hours

Tribhuvan University just now introduced software that would help students acquire their academic transcript within 24 hours after applying for the same. Inaugurating the software called TU Examination Management and Information System, TU Vice-chancellor Tirtha Raj Khaniya provided a transcript to a student from Siraha. He said all records at the university would be digitised within a few years.  The software has been introduced in TU with support from Higher Education Reform Project, which is supported by the World Bank.

CTEVT publishes results

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Office of the Controller of Examinations, Sanothimi, and Bhaktapur has published following results for Architecture, Automobile, Elec&Elex, Food and dairy, forestry, hotel management, Information Technology, Mechanical and Social work.

Curriculum Development Centre prepares draft of new curriculum.

Curriculum Development Centre has prepared the draft of new curriculum for early childhood level to Grade XII.The CDC has prepared the curriculum for early childhood education for the first time. As per the draft, classes have to be run on the basis of credit hour system.The new curriculum proposed by CDC emphasises skill-based education. As per the new curriculum, in the foundation level, student’s soft skills will be developed and in the secondary level emphasis will on developing hard skills.

TU 3 and 4 Years BBS Second Year 2075 exam routine

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine of 3 Years and 4 Years BBS Second Year 2075.The examination of 4 years BBS 2nd year 2075 starts from 2075-04-07 (Business communication-MGT-205) and ends on 2075-04-17 (Foundation of Human Resource Mgmt.216). The examination of 3 years BBS 2nd year starts on 2075-03-17 (Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-211) and ends on 2075-03-26 (Fundamentals of Marketing-214).


Examination Time: The Examination time for both 4 years BBS 2nd year and 3 years BBS year is 1 pm to 4 pm.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 4 Years BBS 2nd Year 2075 given as follows:

1. Date: 2075-04-07

Subjects: Business Communication-MGT-205

2. Date: 2075-04-09

Subjects: Macro-Economics-MGT-206

3. Date: 2075-04-13

Subjects: Cost & Management Accounting-MGT-212

4. Date: 2075-04-15
Subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT-214

5. Date: 2075-04-17
Subjects: Foundations of Human Resource Mgmt-216

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 3 Years B.B.S Second year given as follows:

1. Date: 2075-03-17
Subjects: Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-211

2. Date: 2075-03-19
Subjects: Foundations of Human Resource Mgmt-216

3.Date: 2075-03-21
Subjects: Business Law-204

4. Date: 2075-03-24
Subjects: Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt. -215

5. Date: 2075-03-26
Subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing-214