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Education system at Kathmandu University (KU) on a halt since 18 days

All Nepal Free Students Union padlocked the Kathmandu University on 22nd of January and since then the education system of the University is on halt. The protestors posted a Press release that said "election procedure is biased". It's been 18 days and is not likely to re-open any soon because KU administration hasn't took any step on this issue.

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, to pressurize the KU to resume regular classes, the students gathered at Maitighar and protested against the strike. Politics is not common in KU like in other colleges so, academic classes complete in time without any obstruction. Due to this reason, students choose to study in KU but lately, many political groups are playing politics in the name of education.

The election of the Student Welfare Council held on December 23, 2016 was suspended and as a result, the All Nepal Free Students Union padlocked the Central and administrative building of the University. The protestors are demanding to re-conduct the election. The regular classes abruptly stopped from January 22, 2017. The School of Engineering and School of Sciences hasn't continued the classes since then.

Students are now worried about their future. The students gathered at Maitighar holding placards in which sentences like "Resume Classes in KU", "Our Future in KU's hand but KU is close so, where is our future heading towards?" were printed.