List of Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Nepal

Fashion designing study is a professional study for a career in fashion and interior designing. This field requires lots of creativity besides the formal education and training to earn a rewarding career. It has a large impact on clothing, lifestyles, costumes, aesthetics and emerging trends. This industry has a big market as well as demand. The ready-to-wear apparel of the clothing brands have loyal customers and generate huge sales revenue and in Nepal its scope can’t be undermined.

In Nepal, a separate curriculum has been drafted for Fashion Designing studies. Bachelor of Fashion designing program of Purbanchal University is an undergraduate program that prepares students through training, theoretical and practical knowledge to come up with innovative design concepts. The graduates can work as entrepreneurs and career professionals in boutiques and garment houses. They can also showcase their designs at beauty pageants, stores, fashion shows and also conduct e-business. Some of the popular fashion designing educational academies in Nepal are Namuna College of Fashion Technology, IEC College of Art and Fashion, and International Modern Fashion College.

How to choose the right Fashion Designing College?

Accreditation: A good Fashion Designing academy is accredited to an institutionalized body such as University or similar recognized body. Such academies provide the right academic curriculum and teaching pedagogies to make Fashion related courses more structural and professional.

Supportive: Your Fashion Designing institute must provide the right amount of support, constructive criticism and guidance while you work on your creativity and prototypes. You need to consider this while selecting the right institute for you.

Help launch your career correctly: Your education is to be prepared for your career paths in the field of Vogue and Clothing Trend. You can check the graduates and their placements and working experiences. This breakthrough from the academic institution’s side is important and if you don’t find good job placements, it is better to steer away.

Provide you with the resources: The resources the institute provides for education and training is crucial. Besides having access to a studio, personal workspace, and mannequin, you should also be sure that your academy is bringing like-minded people in contact who can work and share your ideas that can push the envelope for fashion goals.