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HELP University

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About University

HELP University was commenced in 1986 as a Private University with the main motive to offer affordable and best educational opportunities for Malaysians. Located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Malaysia with an international reputation among various research organizations, business, scholars, corporate leaders, universities, and governments. HELP University provides undergraduate and graduate levels courses covering a wide range of areas such as law, economics, IT, business, humanities, social sciences, and management.

Since its establishment, HELP University has grown progressively and strongly. Till now, HELP University holds a healthy financial position and has improved the mass of the students. HELP University illustrates itself as an incubator of brilliant graduates, as an excelling leader, and as a perfection of excellence. With a major motive to offer best and affordable educational opportunities—HELP University focuses to prepare students for productive phases, supports the students from their first job until the students grab the path of succeeding career. To rephrase it, the ambitions of HELP University are based on “Pride of accomplishment, sharing victory, the willingness to be, to be empathetic, and to be Important”

HELP University regularly ensures that its graduates are mainly preferred over other graduates for employment opportunities and they also prepare the graduates for leadership roles and positions accordingly. By maintaining challenging ethics and setting standards in many areas, HELP has accomplished many successes and won praises, respects in both national and international arena.

Academic programs

Pre University Programs: A level programs and Foundation programs in Science, Arts.

Bachelor Degree Programs: Help University offer Bachelor level programs in areas of Information Technology, Hospitality and tourism, Early childhood education, Accounting Banking and Finance, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Law, English, Business, Management, Communication, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing.


Considering such an ambitious motive and its progress, HELP University was recognized by Forbes Asia in 2011 as one of the top 200 Top Performing companies in Asia Pacific with capitalization less than 1 billion USD. In the same year, Ernst & Young awarded one of the CEOs, Datin Chan-Low Kam Yoke as the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. Further, in 2012, HELP won the Brand Laureate Award for Best Brand Award for Private Higher Education and was also listed in the Malaysian Corporate Governance Index by MSWG.


To motivate academically sound and financially backward Malaysian and international students, HELP University has delivered a good deal of monetary assistance since 1986. HELP hospitalities both new and continuing students to apply for Financial Support. The major financial aids delivered by HELP are:

  • Sports Financial Assistance for National Sportsmen/Sportswomen
  • Special Monetary Aid for Chinese Independent Secondary School
  • Packaged-Pathway Bursaries
  • School Achiever Fee Waiver
  • Distinction Awards
  • HELP IT Bursaries
  • Merit Awards


To ease the students, HELP University has cooperated with HOSTEL PRO to provide accommodation facilities to its students. HOSTEL PRO has supported more than 1000 students to HELP them get perfect accommodation considering their budget and choice. Being the main accommodation provider for HELP University campuses—HOSTEL PRO takes care of all needs of the students. From security to comfort, from entertainment to health—full-time hostel site officers take care of students by fulfilling their every possible needs.

In brief, HOSTEL PRO provides other facilities including F&B shops and other amenities, fully furnished rooms, Weekly maid cleaning service, Sports & Recreational Facilities, and Parking.