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Main committee organized for library day

 31st August 2018 is known as the National library day and coming month we celebrate” eleventh National library day”has been informed by Education, Science and Technology Minister secretary Khagraj Baral. Under his supervision 37th committee was made was recently told by Mr. Yadav Chandra Niraula, Chief of Nepal National Library.

Committee has decided the slogan,”Prosperous library strong society”. Starting from August 24 to August 31st, the seven days program will have formation of seven sub-committees.

The government has celebrated National Library day since 2065 develop the reading culture and promote the library. Earlier, King Girvana Yuddha Bikram Shah in the year B.S. 1969 Bhadra 25,put on lalmohar to establish Chittai Tahabil Library.The Ministry has celebrated National Library Day since B.S.2065.Currently there are more than 1000 community and public libraries.