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In accordance with Mahendra Sanskrit Act 2043, Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) was established with holistic purpose of providing Sanskrit education to the ordinary people in 1986. Previously, this university was called as Mahendra Sanskrit University. The main aim of establishing this university was to organize, preserve and promote the Sanskrit education in the country, make Nepal centre stage for the Sanskrit education in the world and also make people understand the importance of this phenomenal language. This university at its top envisions in safeguarding and glorifying the Vedic culture and tradition. Not only this, efficient manpower in the field of Ayurveda, Jyotish shastra, Yoga science and naturopathy are also produced through this university. The university also conducts its classes in the subjects like Science, Maths, Nepali, English, Economics, and Political Science. There is also separate research centre in the Kathmandu.

Central office:

Beljhundi, a picturesque hamlet located about sixteen kilometers west of Gorahi in the enchanting district of Dang, proudly houses the esteemed Central Campus. The university possesses 342 Bighas of land provided by different contributors, well wishers and donors and 1336 Bhigas of additional land at the Deukhuri, Dang. There are Central library, Hostel,  Vidyapeetha, Trilokeshwar Shivalaya around the periphery of the central office. The contact office of the university is situated in the Basantapur, Kathmandu.  

Academic Program:

Nepal Sanskrit University conducts classes from Uttermadyam level to Masters Level in different subjects along with research works, trainings and PhD programs. The lists of the program are as follows:

Uttermadyam level (Plus Two level):

There are compulsory subjects and optional subjects from group A and group B.

One year B.Ed.: There are different subjects that students can study in one year B.Ed.


Uttermadyam level passed students or I. Sc pass students can study this subject.

Acharya Level (Masters Level): The course duration is of three years.

In this level, students can choose any of the given subjects:

  • Veda
  • Navya Vyakarna
  • SiddhantaJyautisha 
  • Phalit Jyautisha
  • Prachin Nyaya
  • Navya Nyaya
  • Sahitya
  • Dharmashastra
  • Shankar Vedanta
  • Sarvadarshan
  • Poorvamimansa
  • Itihaspuran
  • Bauddha Darshan
  • Tantra


Apart from formal education, there are trainings that are provided by the university.

  • Karmakanda training   i. Vedic ii. Buddhist
  • Sanskrit Language Training – Six Months
  • Sanskrit Language Training for Foreigners
  • Applied Sanskrit Language
  • Yoga & Nature Cure- Six Months

List of the colleges:

The names of the constituent colleges are as follows:

  • RuRu Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Ridi, Ruru Chettera
  • Sharada Vidyapeeth, Kanchanpur
  • Harihar Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Khidim Pokharathok, Arghakhanch
  • Vinduvasini Sanskrit Vidyapeeth ,Pokhara
  • Kalika Sanskrit Vidyapeeth
  • Janata Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Bijauriin, Dang
  • Valmeeki Vidyapeeth,Rajeswori, Kathmandu
  • Pindeshwor Vidyapeeth, Sunsari, Dharan
  • Yjnayavalkya Lakshminarayan Vidyapeeth ,Matihani, Mahottari district, Janakpur

Affiliated Colleges:

The name of the affiliated Vidyapeeth and their address are as follows:

  • Radhadamodar Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Keladighat, Syangja
  • Mahesh sanskrit Gurukulam, Devghatm Tanahu 
  • Saraswoti Sanskrit vidyapeeth,Manigram, Rupandehi 
  • Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Dharan, Sunsari
  • Paramananda Sanskrit Gurukulam Vidyapeeth, Devghat, Tanahu
  • Panchthar Multiple Campus, Phidim, Panchthar
  • Kapilvastu Multiple Campus, Taulihawa, kapilvastu
  • Banepa Campus, Banepa,Kabhrepalanchowk
  • Uttam Dhanwantari College , Gaur, Rautahat
  • Active Academic College, Mithila
  • Ayurvedic College and Research Center, Janakpur

Research Center:

It is the foremost duty of the university to focus on the research and development and by realizing the same motto, the Nepal Sanskrit universities also involves in different research activities. The university publishes various books, research articles, journals though research centers. The university also facilitates various PhD level students in doing research. There is the provision of the five member research council under the chairmanship of rector.


Some of the major publications of the NSU are as follows:

  • Skandapurna Ambikakhanda
  • Sanskrit-Nepali Dictionary
  • Karmakanda Bhaskara
  • Janak Darshanam
  • Tantra Chintamani
  • Brahmasutra Shankarbhashyam (Nepali Translation)
  • Shaddarshani Sangraha
  • Shreeramacharitamritam
  • Saushruta Nighantu
  • Vivaha Paddhati
  • Sharaddha vidhi
  • Harikelee Mahakavyam
  • Gandaki Mahatmyam
  • Kalachakrantargata Jyautisha Bhaga
  • Vyakarana Prabeshika (Grammar)
  • Ashauch Bibechana
  • Sahitya Prabeshika (Literature)
  • Text Books on Sanskrit Language Training
  • Local Herbals to keep up Health
  • Ritambhara (Research Journal)
  • Haimawati
  • Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi (Nepali Teeka)
  • NSU Curriculum( Timely revision)
  • NSU Bulletin( Regular)

National Culture Study Center:

This centre was established in July 31, 2012 by keeping in view the changed scenario of the society. Its main body is Cultural Study Development council located at the Basundhara, Kathmandu.

International Relation Division:

This institution was established in 2012 under the VC office. The office was established with the purpose of telling the world what the Nepal Sanskrit University is. The university has appointed division chief for doing the assigned job.

Institute of Ayurveda:

This institute was established to teach Ayurveda science at plus two level and Bachelor level (BAMS). It is situated in Beljhundi, Dang.

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