Innovate Tech launches E-learning platform

Innovate Tech has come up with their E-Learning platform ‘My Second Teacher’ with an objective of bringing significant change in Nepalese education sector. It was formally launched on April 9. The online platform offers interactive video-based subject matters for Grade 10 students in three compulsory subjects, namely Mathematics, Science, and English along with optional Economics. 
“We will gradually include subject matters related to other subjects and levels in the next phase,” shared Sulav Budhathoki, Founder and CEO at Innovate Tech, Baluwatar. Highlighting the prospects of their platform at the event, Budhathoki shared, “We aim to replace the unscientific teaching-learning approach long being practised in the country with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which the newly-launched platform promises. I am confident that our technology will help the country transform into a technological powerhouse from a labour destination.” 
The platform includes interesting features such as interactive videos, diagnostic reports, test papers, tutor support, etc. which can be visited simply by logging in to the website. “Among a number of activities offered by our system, students can also sit for a mock test and get the results instantly along with necessary feedback,” shared Aashish Sigdel, Head of Business at Innovate Tech. According to him, teachers, school administration and parents can simply log in to connect with each other and also see the progress of students at just a click. 
Budhathoki added that the platform which was developed in 2019, has already been successfully used in 18 countries around the world including the US, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, among others. Although the technology is available from April 9 with education content, customers will be required to make a minimum payment via digital wallet Khalti, to reap its maximum benefits starting from April 14. 

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