Islington College conducted Final Year Project Showcase 2021



Islington College, Kathmandu [23rd, November 2021]: The FYP (Final Year Project) Showcase conducted by Islington College graduates and students, highlighting their ideas, technical prowess and adaptability.

The FYP Showcase is a student-based initiative with expert guidance from the faculty to create an exemplary exhibition that reflects their learning throughout the duration of their courses. The result comes in the form of some of the most innovative solutions that are on display and demonstrated by our students themselves.

Some of our more enterprising projects include

  • 3D Printer with CNC Engraver
  • Contactless Payment System
  • Travel Buddy- a virtual travel guide, etc.

These projects not only indicate the potential of our students but can have actual real-life applications and even go on to become actual solutions.

It encompasses various dimensions from a pedagogical perspective to improve subject, technical and soft skills of students. “The FYP Showcase is a celebration of our students’ hard work and ingenuity that has resulted in brilliant ideas over the years thereby setting a precedent for the upcoming generations who constantly derive motivation from it”, said Mr. Rohit Pandey, Chief Academic Officer, Islington College. “We’ve witnessed that the peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge between students can be an effective tool and produce amazing solutions.”

Islington College hopes to instill further determination into our students and their work by providing various platforms similar to the FYP Showcase that properly exhibits their abilities as well as their game changing ideas.