Amended Notice Schedule For BTTM 3rd And 5th Semester Regular Examination 2023

In light of unforeseen circumstances and to ensure the smooth conduct of examinations, we have made necessary amendments to the previously announced examination schedule. The updated schedule is as follows:

BTTM 3rd-Semester Regular Examinations Routine:

  • Air Travel Operation (TTM 338): Tuesday, 26th September 2023 (Ashoj 09, 2080)
  • Eco Tourism (TTM 344): Friday, 29th September 2023 (Ashoj 12, 2080)
  • Business Finance (TTM 305): Monday, 2nd October 2023 (Ashoj 15, 2080)
  • Travel Service Operation Management II (TTM 337): Wednesday, 4th October 2023 (Ashoj 17, 2080)
  • Chinese Language/French Language (TTM 340): Friday, 6th October 2023 (Ashoj 19, 2080)

BTTM 5th-Semester Regular Examination Routine:

  • Tourism Geography (TTM 348): Monday, 25th September 2023 (Ashoj 08, 2080)
  • Sustainable Tourism Development (TTM 346): Wednesday, 27th September 2023 (Ashoj 10, 2080)
  • Statistics (TTM 306): Sunday, 1st October 2023 (Ashoj 14, 2080)
  • Entrepreneurship in Travel and Tourism (TTM 333): Tuesday, 3rd October 2023 (Ashoj 16, 2080)
  • Airlines Ticketing Global Distribution System (TTM 347): Thursday, 5th October 2023 (Ashoj 19, 2080)
  • Tour Guiding and Escorting Skills/ Ethical, Legal and Regulatory aspects of Travel and Tourism [Old Course] (TTM 349/TTM 324): Sunday, 8th October 2023 (Ashoj 21, 2080)

Please take note of these changes and ensure that you are present at the examination center well in advance of the updated examination timings.

Any student who has a scheduling conflict with the amended dates and times is advised to contact the examination department as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.

We understand that changes to the examination schedule can be disruptive, but these adjustments are necessary to maintain the integrity and fairness of the examination process.

For any further queries or concerns, please feel free to contact the Examination Department at Tribhuvan University, Balkhu or you can visit the official Colleges Nepal site for updates.