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PRJ 502: Workshop on Fieldwork Project in Sectoral or Elective Sector

On Monday, 2nd October 2023, the faculty of management at Tribhuvan University notified students about the workshop on fieldwork projects in the sectoral or elective sector (PRJ 502).

Students must participate in upcoming fieldwork based on their chosen subjects. This workshop is going to stimulate a wide knowledge of research and its significance in specialized sectors.

Here are some important agendas you need to know:

  • Choosing a topic of research and developing a methodology.
  • Examining the importance of hands-on experience in different sectors.
  • Conducting interviews and considering ethical surveys.
  • Focusing on different data analysis methods and concise report writing. Using qualitative and quantitative networks on fieldwork findings.

Students who are studying Fieldwork Project (PRJ 502) can attend this sectoral or elective program. Moreover, researchers or academicians keen to enhance their practical research can join the workshop as well.

For students in the upcoming workshop, there is free of charge registration. Likewise, they can follow some instructions to register by visiting the Faculty of Management (FOM), TU's official page.

Last but not least, students are encouraged to take the opportunity to attain their practical marks based on valuable insights. They must contribute to their academics to gain some research skills.