The British College announces alliance with Namaste Academy of Butwal

The British College recently made a press release to announce that it has formed alliance with Namaste Academy of Butwal. The two institutions will now strive for more higher education standards with their collaboration. They will together make learning more experiential for the students to learn by doing things. The new accreditation with Namaste Academy ensure students receive world class education from home country at a fractional cost and will be beneficial to students of Butwal province. 

The British College Management of Namaste Academy has begun.

Last week, The British College (TBC) received accreditation from the prestigious British Accreditation Council (BAC) - making it the first and only college in Nepal with this honour. Now, in a month of exciting changes, they have yet another announcement - as TBC is now officially managing Namaste Academy, Butwal. 
CEO & Founder of TBC, Rajen Kandel, said of the College’s new management of Namaste Academy, that he is pleased to partner with them. TBC is a premier college in the heart of Kathmandu that has been offering UK degrees and courses since 2012, in partnership with two top-ranked British universities. It is also a part of a British Education Group that successfully runs colleges in Nepal, London, and Dubai - so he believes that this decade of global experience will help Namaste Academy to grow further and offer even higher quality education in Nepal. 
Bishnu Bhushal, Chairman of Namaste Academy, said of the collaboration, ‘Both TBC and Namaste Academy understand that not everybody wants to, or financially can, move overseas for their education. So it is our joint aim to ensure that all of our students can receive world-class education and qualifications, from their home country, at a fraction of the cost and we believe that this partnership will make that possible right here in Butwal’. He also took this opportunity to facilitate and congratulate 25 of his students who had passed their SEE. 
This exciting development comes at a time of change for Namaste Academy. This year they have also appointed a new Academic Director from the UK, Mark Bartholomew - who brings to the Academy over 20 years of experience from both the British Council and the University of Cambridge - one of the most prestigious universities in the World. In addition to this, in the upcoming academic year, they will also be starting grade XI within the Science and Management streams.
Bartholomew said of these developments, ‘Our aim is to serve our Nepalese community, to present its young adults to the world stage, and to provide our students with a competitive advantage from the outset. Our priority this year is to make Namaste Academy the finest provider of the English language in the province, with excellent sporting and arts facilities. We are also determined to make our teaching more experiential so that students can learn by doing things.’
With TBCs new BAC accreditation and Namaste Academy’s new Academic Director, this partnership could not have come at a better time and shows great promise for both institutions in the year to come. 

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