The British College Job Fair 2021 post event notice.

On 9th April 2021, The British College held their annual ‘TBC Job Fair’, at the College campus in Thapathali.
The objective of this event was to connect students, graduates and alumni alike - to the current job market, by introducing them to a wide range of diverse businesses, including Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. Final year students from the BBA, BSc (Hons) Computing and ACCA all participated, along with postgraduate students from the MSc. IT, MBA, EMBA, MIBM, and members of TBC Alumni. 
As such, over 28 companies were invited to take part in this exciting event - including Yeti Airlines, Vatsal Impex (MI), Young Innovation, Ujyalo Foundation, Brain Digit, Neema Academy, Leapfrog Technology, Sipradi Group, M.A.W, Bhoj Deals, Advantage Group, Upaya Cargo among many. Throughout the day, each company interviewed students and alumni for the large variety of advertised vacancies where more than 200 interviews took place. 10 groups pitched their business ideas to the Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists invited in the Job fair.
Arun Joshi, Associate Dean of The British College, said of the event, ‘This job fair provides an opportunity for industries to discover talent and students who have just graduated and are ready for the world of employment. It is a testament to our mission to cultivate a culture of creativity and innovation by creating homegrown entrepreneurs and ‘job creators', as opposed to 'job holders, who are equipped for and invested in, ushering Nepal into a new era of development and prosperity. "
He further added that, “TBC aims to undertake a series of systematic interventions in our education system, the job market, and our culture, by instilling a culture of diversity, innovation and creativity in all of its internal and external processes. This ranges from the quality of education we give to our students - to the growth opportunities and upward mobility that we provide to our employees.” 
Likewise, Amardeep Mandal, Head of Admissions and Marketing at The British College shared that, “The Job fair was organised to bridge the gap between industries and students, and give them the chance to realise the job prospects in the market." 
To conclude the event, a token of appreciation was given to all of the companies who participated . TBC extends their gratitude to Job Dynamics who helped to guide the students throughout the process and the management teams of all the organisations who made the event a success.