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Tribhuvan University IoST published BTech Food technology entrance exam notices

Tribhuvan University have published the entrance exam notices for BTech food technology entrance exams. The application forms for entrance exams are open from 13 Bhadhra 2080 online till 8 Ashoj 2080. Entrance exam fees is Rs 1550. Double fee payment is 9 Ashoj till 12 Ashoj 2080. The online forms are open for admissions in Kathmandu, Kaski, Sunsari and Chitwan districts. Entrance exam is dated 17 Ashoj 2080 from 12 noon. This program is available at Constituent Campus, Central technology Campus Hattisar, Dharan in 48 seats. Affiliated colleges are National College of Food technology 24 quotas, Lalitpur Valley College 24, Padmashree International College 24, Golden gate international College 24, Nagarik College 24, Pokhara Science and technology campus 24, Birat Multiple College 24, Nilgiri College Itahari 24, Dharan Multiple Campus 24 and Sunsari technical College 24. The notice by TU is as below: