Tribhuvan University published internship guidelines for students at their concerned Colleges and organizations

Tribhuvan University published a broad guidelines about internship of students at the College or any Organization related with their study field. As per the notice, students can be put to work, except students of partial campus for Bachelor and Masters cannot be put into internship at their own Campus.  Students appointed as interns will have to work daily for minimum 3 and half hours, as per the nature of the work they can be put to work for max 7 hours daily. The internship period doesn't exceed more than 6 months. Food expenses will also be provided to interns for Bachelor students 250 Rupees for 3 and half hours, Rs. 400 for seven hours daily, for Masters Rs 350 for working three and half hours and Rs 500 for seven hours work daily. Those Campuses who have less than 500 students can appoint upto 2 interns and those who have 1000 students can keep 4 interns. Those Campuses with more than 1000 students can keep one intern additional. The interns after completing their tenure will receive certificate of completion from Tribhuvan University.  Full notice about this is published as follows:

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