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No. of students decreases in Sanskrit Schools

The Nepal Sanskrit University has been running classes  from Sanskrit Madhyamik Vidyala, Gurkul for the SEE passed out students in the Central North school by conducting language training now has been displaced. The government intends to run its program to the already established Sanskrit Ma. Vi. and increase the level of Gurukul education upto the twelvth standard. According to the instructor Mr. Narayan Prasad Dahal earlier when Central North zone was there the number of students enrolling for Sanskrit studies was high. Now, with this step there will be a drastic reduction in number of students studying Sanskrit Language. Even when the entire religious texts of eastern culture are in Sanskrit scripture, the decreasing attraction of Sanskrit Language has posed as a major challenge in the present time. The displacement of Central North School will result into 60-70% reduction in number of students this year.