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Overly crowded college: Over 200 students in one class

Ratna Rajya Lakshmi Campus (RR), Nepal's one of the most prominent colleges is probably one of the most crowded academic institutions as well. "More than 200 students in the college sit shoulder to shoulder in the small classroom, large number of students sharing a same desk. Finding a seat is a war in itself and if you by chance find a place to sit, it's difficult to understand what teachers are teaching due to noise", says Geeta Subba, a pupil of RR Campus. She traveled all the way from Illam to Join RR with the expectation of receiving qualitative education. But when she arrived here, the scenario was different.

Since attending college seems difficult, she opted to join private tuition center that charges over fifteen thousand monthly. However, this did not come as an easy solution since her family is not in the position to afford such a huge amount and she is not employed.

It is not just a story of one person; lots of students studying in the government colleges are facing the same fate. Another pupil, who is studying English in RR Campus is dispirited due to the institution's environment. He is also in search of a private tuition center.

"Due to limited resources and inadequate budget, we are not being able to divide sections", says Campus Chief Nirmala Suwal. "Other than college's students, pupils from outside the college also attend the classes which is creating more problem", she continued. Tribhuwan University's Tirtha Khaniya assured that these problems will be taken under consideration and confirmed that from the coming academic year each government campus will adapt semester system.