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Prof. Lalu Prasad Paudel Chairman of Tribhuvan University service commission

Tribhuvan University service commission appointed Prof. Lalu Prasad Paudel as its new chairman by Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli the Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University. Dr. Hemraj Dhakal is the newly appointed member of Tribhuvan University service commission. Both will soon get their appointment letters Though the appointment was done there are still opposing people inside the commission who accused of irregularity on appointing staffs. The CIAA (Commission for the ivestigation of Abuse of Authority) has opened their investigation is now looking into this case about the transparency and credibility on validation of the appointed officials in the Tribhuvan University service commission. 10 other members who had been appointed are also brought to the deck for investigation by the CIAA. Tribhuvan University service commission has also been announcing vacancies to the general public to fill in their job positions as Deputy director, branch officer and other technical and managerial jobs. This case will soon bring out the facts and causes if the irregularity has been prevailed on the appointment of members of the T.U. commission with CIAA so that the allegations can be settled in a lawful conduct.