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SIAM University

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About University

Siam University’s founding principle "Think Freely and Act Wisely" slogan is projected as a treasure of insight on sustainability. It has created foundation in academic journey of 12,000 Thai students and 500 International students . Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit is the current President of Siam University. Siam University has strong international connections, with relationships with 1,000 universities for business internships and affiliations with prestigious organizations such as the IAUP and Global University Network of Innovations. Collaborations with the University of Pittsburgh and participation in regional organizations demonstrate the university's commitment to global engagement and academic excellence.

Academic Programs:

Siam University academic programs for both national and international students are as follows:

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Masters degree programs
  • International Programs

Undergraduate programs are under the Faculties of:

  1. School of Public Health
  2. School of Medicine
  3. School of Nursing
  4. School of Pharmacy
  5. School of Science
  6. School of Business Administration
  7. School of Communication Arts
  8. School of Liberal Arts
  9. School of Information technology
  10. School of Political Science
  11. School of Law
  12. International College
  13. College of Music and Performing Arts


  • Bachelor in Communication Arts in Advertising/Journalism/Public Relations/Digital Media/Radio Television Cinema.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Banking/ Marketing/General Management/International Business Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Automotive/Civil/Computer/Electrical/Mechanical/Industrial.
  • Bachelor of Education Administration
  • Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor in Internaional Business
  • Bachelor in International Hotel and Tourism Management
  • BBA in International Business
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • B.F.A. in Music
  • B.F.A. in performing arts
  • Bachelor of industrial technology in Automotive Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Business Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Japanese for Communication
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Food technology

Post Graduate Programs:

SIAM University offers Masters degree programs in:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • MA in Peace Studies and Diplomacy
  • Master of Law LLM
  • Master of Engineering program in Engineering Management
  • Master degree in Leadership and Innovation in Education Administration
  • Master of Science in Information technology
  • Master of Political Science
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Arts in Communication Arts
  • MEd in Education Administration and Leadership

P.hD programs in:

  • Doctor of Leadership program in Philosophy and Management Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy program in Information technology
  • Doctor of Business Administration program in Marketing
  • Doctor of Philosophy program in Management

nternational programs from SIAM University International College are:

  • International Business Administration
  • International Hotel and Tourism Management
  • International Information Technology
  • International Civil Engineering
  • International MBA
  • International Masters in Peace and Diplomacy

Student Facilities:

SIAM University have following facilities:

  • Library
  • Full functional classrooms
  • Up to date equipment
  • five star classrooms and auditoriums
  • Central library, Maruey Business Library
  • Digital Media
  • Broad band internet
  • rest areas
  • bank
  • post office
  • cafeteria
  • Cafe's
  • Career Center
  • English Language courses
  • International Student Center
  • Fitness Center