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St. Xavier's College

Contact Information

Phone: +977-01-5321365, 5344636 | Email: | Website:

St. Xavier's College was established on 1988 A.D. and is a Catholic educational institution in Nepal that is run by Society of Jesus (Jesuits). It offers not only intermediate level educational courses (+2 and A-levels) but also runs bachelor and master degrees in various subjects such as natural science, business, social science, and humanities. The higher education degree courses are affiliated to Tribhuvan University and was first founded as a response to a call in 1988 to all men and women who are intellectually competent and socially responsible.

St. Xavier’s  offers a unique atmosphere that allows the quality of education and formation of character to flourish. Students at SXC are not only taught subjects but the institution focuses on forming responsible, competent, innovative and grounded young individuals of both gender that work for society.

As an institution of higher education, SXC is not only committed to the dissemination of knowledge but also the creation of new knowledge, information and discourses. In order that the institue may facilitate this kind of philosophy, it offers high quality, research oriented teaching/learning approaches which has made it a highly sought after institution in the country.

Besides this, It has also initiated mandatory rural camps for all faculties. These camps help allow students to get a glimpse of the complexities of issues that the country faces. Another important activity that has helped in the holistic development is the monthly conferences for undergraduate and graduate with the Principal. In these meetings, the vision and mission is clearly discussed and analyzed. Aside from academics, it also stresses the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Many different student clubs for the undergraduate and graduate are currently operating in the campus that help find new ventures every year. This is so in order to help them firmly grow within their field of expertise as well as co-curricular activities of their level. Finally, proudly displays all it has accomplished throughout the years and is still striving to create a new generation of leaders: both men and women who will be capable enough of shaping the future with the vision, justice, compassion and charity, with concern for all human beings as one family.

Throughout the years, St. Xavier's has successfully educated thousands of qualified graduates of various courses that it offers. Under bachelors level BSc.CSIT, BIM, BBS, BSc. Physics, BSc. Microbiology, BA and BSW whereas masters degree includes MBS, MSc. Microbiology, MSc. Physics, MSW, MA programs.


  • Strive for excellence.
  • Commitment with compassion.
  • Promote innovation and creativity.
  • Develop leadership skills and develop the passion for service.


Besides offering high-grade education, St. Xavier’s College also hosts various facilities that are necessary for all students during their time at the college. The college has a large area full of greenery and a peaceful environment and gives them the impression that knowledge and learning is in the air. There are separate buildings for each department that support large and well-lit classrooms that are well-equipped with the most modern teaching facilities. The teachers are available at all hours during college time (from morning to evening) and are ready to clear any confusions and answer any questions that they have.

Moreover, St. Xavier’s  also has a canteen that serves healthy food at very affordable prices. There is also a well-furnished library with many books, journals, newspapers, magazines, study materials and past papers for the enthusiastic students. There is also a group discussion and individual study area within the library itself, where they can conduct meetings or do some solo research on the topics of their interest.It also has a large field where various extra-curricular activities like basketball, football, volleyball, table-tennis, relay races and other sports can take place. There are state-of-the-art laboratories for the science faculties that are equipped with all specimens, chemicals and machinery that are necessary for a proper higher study experience.

All these facilities along with the excellent quality education offered are sure to make your time here fully worthwhile and fun.

View entrance exam result, admission fee structure, and all related information in St Xavier's Website.

Why St Xaviers

There are many things that differentiate from others. First of all, it's the values that are held by the institution. It has the strong sense of values and they implement it in their day to day lives. The values mentioned by it are not just for the showcase. The majority of the students who have studied in here reflect the values taught to them.

Secondly, the facilities and events conducted by it also distinguish the institute. There are many events where they participate, such as Awareness Program, Medical Camp, PIE Volunteers, and so on. It has separated various departments inside it to successfully run and improve various programs offered by it, such as Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, Department of Management, and so on.

There are all the basic facilities along with many programs along with the group of experienced teachers and professionals, which make it, one of the best colleges in the valley.

Scholarships at St Xaviers

Scholarships are provided as for the board topper and entrance topper. However, the fees are very affordable as compared to other private instite at St. Xavier’s College.

Principal Message

Fr. Dr. Augustine Thomas, S.J., the principal of the St. Xavier’s, believes in forming men and women with academic excellence and greater moral standards. He wants them to be socially responsible. Founded in 1988, it has been welcoming and offering a rigorous education in business, arts, science, and more. It not only emphasizes of quality education, but it also highly emphasized on developing strong values.

Extra Information

Admission Procedure

Admission at St. Xavier’s College is very competitive. candidates are seen in a long queue outside its gate during admission form distribution day. 

  • They need to pass the entrance test and interview with minimum of first division marks in plus to science.
  • They need to pass the SLC or O level or equivalent to apply for A level programme and also pass entrance and interview.
  • They must secure minimum of second division to apply for the bachelor level from recognized board by TU and KU. Also candidates must pass the entrance test.
  • They should secure minimum of second division from recognized universities by TU to apply for masters.

Scholarships at St Xaviers

Scholarships are provided as for the board topper and entrance topper. However, the fees are very affordable as compared to other private instite at St. Xavier’s College.

The various programs at St Xaviers are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

St. Xavier's College is well known for offering B.Sc. CSIT which is a program fully fledged to provide students with all sorts of knowledge in Information Technology and computing through practical and project works. Read more to find out other valuable information.

Bachelor of Information Management

Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) offered at St. Xavier's College is an excellent program for those who are interested in information technology but also desire to learn the basic principles of management. Here, we have outlined the basic details regarding the course and why to join BIM at St. Xavier's College.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Aiming to study Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at St. Xavier's College? Here, you can learn in detail about BBS program and career opportunities in the business field. Likewise, you can also find out why to join St. Xavier's College.

Bachelor of Arts

Thinking to join a multi-disciplinary program with several career opportunities? Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered at St. Xavier's College might be the right choice for you. Browse to learn more about the benefits of graduating in Bachelor of Arts.

Master of Business Studies

Bachelor of Social Work

BSc Microbiology

BSc Physics

MSc Microbiology

MSc Physics

A Level

+2 Science