Students going for medical studies at Bangladesh are in turmoil

Nepal Students Association in Bangladesh has shown concern over government’s lack of support to students going to Bangladesh for medical studies. The association recently organized a press conference and announced that the consultancies were found taking commission from students by a hefty amount of NRs 5,00,000 to NRs7,00,000.Those who were unable to submit the amount were found to be admitted to  blacklisted College by the dubious consultancy.

Navin Yadav , President of Association stated out of 100 medical Colleges in Bangladesh , Total of 25 colleges run by the government were good, remaining colleges run by private ownership were lacking in the quality standards and 36 colleges were found to be blacklisted.According to him, students who were studying in blacklisted college upon revelation committed suicide.

Nearly 8000 students have faced difficulty by the consultancies here charging big amount as commission and sending them to study at blacklisted college.President Yadav said 70% of consultancies have found to have cheated students for study at Bangladesh.