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Students traveling inconveniently in an overcrowded school bus

An overly crowded school bus packed with students three times more than the bus capacity is an everyday scenario in Birendranagar. Those tender students carrying heavy bags and trying to find grip inside the running bus is definitely a heart wrecking sight to watch. However, a number of schools in this area have turned their back to the issue and do not seem to be concerned about the inconvenience of those small children.

Same incident happened in one of the school buses in Birendranagar. A female teacher was seen instructing her students to sit on their respective seats but the students were in a dilemma as there was not a single vacant seat in the bus. Angrily, she asked them to move to the back of the bus and look for the vacant seat and again there were none.

Not only in Birendranagar, this problem exists in most part of the country. A number of student increase every year but schools never add new buses due to which students have to travel inconveniently every day.