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Studying law starts from Class 11

Nepal Bar Chairman Krishna Hari Mainali said the media that law is a significant part of the society. Its demand is increasing and it is the most sought after subject by the local level with the entry of federalism, the village and judiciary. He pointed out that " there may be increased attraction to the law for the opportunities to be found in prestigious institutions, government lawyers and service entry in jurisdiction. Nepal Bidyapeeth has committed to provide the law education at class 11 and 12 and have contracted National Examination board last month to teach law subjects. Other than this, six other colleges namely the Rimara Academy at Chabahil, Nepal Mega College at BabarMahal, Pinnacle Academy at Lagankhel, Kathmandu Model College at Bagbazaar, Nightingale Academy at Kupandole have also got permission to teach law at Classes 11 and 12 to their students. Students who have score 1.6 GPA and above can be eligible to study law at these colleges in their Plus 2 program. Nepal Bidyapeeth will be commencing the classes from the second week of Shrawan 2076. The College has the capacity to teach to nearly 800 students from which 100 students can be sponsered with scholarships said Chairman Mainali. It was often discussed frequently at discussions with politicians, administrators, experts from various fields and has been acted upon said Mainali to the media. He also cleared out saying that compared to other job sectors in government job the competition were only few but promotion were faster so people had shown more interest in studying law. With this facility it can be hinted that we will have more generations of people who know their rights and duties towards society and together they can work against injustice and corruption which is the common disfunctions of this modern society. It also brings awareness to the people about how the law and legislations work in the country and to whom does it work for with this major step.