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Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality

About School

EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality is one of the finest eduction provider in hospitality Management with Federally recognized Swiss Hospitality programs . It is a part of non-profit EHL and accredited by the Foundation hotelleriesuisse, Associate International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality education. The Chairman of The Board of Directors are Prof. Michel Rochat, Dr. iur jurg Domenig Member of the Board of Directors Lawyer, Chur, Andreas Zullig Member of BOD owner of Schweizerhof, Marcus Brocker Delegate of The Board of Directors, Juan Francisco Perellon Chief Academic Officer EHL group and Member of BOD, Tony Morales Chief Financial Officer of EHL group and Member of BOD. The institution was founded in 1966 by Dr. Markus Christoffel 

Study Programs:

Professional Path to Bachelor of Science in International hospitality Management

This is five years Professional program with first two years in Swiss Professional degree and third year specialization in Culinary Arts and Spa Management fourth year is Bachelor in Hospitality Management with Academic courses in Passugg and Management Internship and fifth year is Diploma of Bachelor in Hospitality Management with courses in Management Strategy in Passugg Switzerland, elective courses and a research or business project in Lausanne.

So far this Campus have 350 students enrolled with 250 students living on Campus coming from 30 different Nations. There are five restaurants on Campus and 25 students size per class.

Swiss Professional Degrees:

Swiss Professional Degree in restaurant and Hotel Management delivers real world experience and global hospitality expertise It is six semesters Diploma Course of three years with 1 year of work experience. First semester is about Host Competencies, business Competencies and Soft skills development. Second Semester is about communicator  with core communicator competencies, business competencies, soft skills development. Semester three is about internship and soft skills development, Fourth Semester about Entrepreneurship competencies, Business and Soft Skills development. Fifth semester focuses on Hospitality Administration Internship with internship of six months and soft skills development. Sixth semester is about Networker for building meaningful relationships with Network Competencies, Business Competencies and Soft Skills development.

Spa Management Course help to learn operational spa Management techniques and this Course is categorized into Overview of Global Spa Industry, Authentic and Historical health rituals, spa architecture design and equipment, Spa branding Financing and Marketing, Spa HR Management Quality Management and Audit.

Hotel Communication Specialist three year Diploma course in hospitality with guest experience and service excellence, people skills and soft skills, Hotel operations with technical and industry know how , handson training, hotel internship. Semester one cover Restaurants, Semester 2 internship six months, Semester 3 Accomodation, Semester 4 and 5 Internship, Semester 6 Communication and Administration in tourism, Business administration, IT, Language, Accounting, General Education, Project week.

Short term courses:

  • Gastronomy
  • Pastry 
  • People Analytics and talent acquisition.