Tribhuvan University (TU) to Provide Academic Transcripts within 24 Hours of Form Submission

Tribhuvan University (TU) has taken a new step forward in innovation meant for providing good services to the students as the Office of the Controller of Examination (OCE) will now provide every student’s educational transcripts from within 24 hours of filling the form. OCE has taken this initiative freshly by developing a software named ‘Examination Management Information System’. This software is said to be able to instantaneously produce any transcript.

Mr. Pushpa Raj Joshi, TU examination controller head, said that the formal initiation of the transcript distribution is starting from 13th Jestha 2075. In its initial phase, the students of B.Ed from the Education faculty will receive the transcript made by this software. As the software is fully operational, other faculty’s transcription will also be dispersed later. Mr. Joshi stated that the students will have to fill up the form in the same manner as before. If any error occurs during the data recording phase, students can refill the form to rectify the error. Once the form has been submitted, students can get the new transcript within 3 hours to a maximum time of of 24 hours varying from the number of applicants.

Students can also fill the transcription form online. OCE has also developed a software for this purpose. For the first phase, 5 colleges throughout Nepal have been selected for online application form. The names of the colleges are:

  1. College of Food Technology - Hattisar Dharan
  2. Padma Kanya College - Bagbazar
  3. Prithvi Narayan College - Pokhara
  4. Lumbini Banijya Campus - Butwal
  5. Kailai Multiple Campus - Kailali

The required fees for submitting the form are collected from the students in the college and given to OCE.

Mr. Joshi also added that once efficiently instigating the software system, students can get their academic transcript from the relevant colleges within an hour. This is indeed an interesting development, which will save the time and cost of the students. With this progress, we can hope to see the quality of TU education rise further to new heights.

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