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Understanding question: A problem

As SLC is approaching, a visually impaired pupil of Numuna Machindra Higher Secondary School, Rojina Pokhrel is in a great agony. Not because she is incapable of penning the answers but she is worrying about being unable to understand the question. She is studying using Braille script. Though she is capable of reading words and signs, she is afraid that Braille does not include pictures and diagrams.

These are the things that scare us the most. Though we know the answers but are not able to write. To draw diagrams and pictures we have to carry geometric box with us but we are unable to use it. It would have been much better if we were provided with optional subjects in place of these subjects’ she said.

Likewise, numerous visually impaired students face the same problem each year. Although they have a very sharp mind and are confident about themselves, their fear increases as the exam approaches. However, their struggle does not end here. ‘Examination center is another issue as teachers in other schools are not familiar with our problems and treat us like any other student’ Pokhrel added.

According to the survey, there are 30,240 visually impaired children who shall now start attending school. However, only 9,500 students are receiving education. And among those also, some of the students leave their education in the middle due to the difficulty they face in the lack of helpers.

Department of Education has been awarding scholarships to visually disable students under various categories. But, since schools are not conveniently located as per students’ need, scholarship has not made much difference. The government has established thirty-one special schools and 380 resources class. Reportedly, six thousand students studying in those schools are receiving scholarships.