Vice Chancellor, Registrar and Dean Offices shut down at Kathmandu University Dhulikhel

The pradhyapak sang (Lecturers Committee) has forced to shut down Registrar office, Vice Chancellor and Dean’s office for unlimited time period. Due to non-fulfillment on the agreement by the University’s management made the committee to take action and has closed down V.C, Registrar office , Dean office along with School of Science and School of Engineering Dean office main building on Wednesday. They asked the Vice Chancellor and Registrar office along with the staffs to come out of the building and locked the office close. Dr. Bed Mani Dahal the head of lecturers committee told that K.U. had botched the nexus of agreement by using deceiving tactics so his committee had to shut down was told to the media. They had also cancelled the exams conducted by K.U. yesterday. The agreement was to process all the amendments put down by Pradhyapak Sang to Kathmandu University official body. Though the meeting had been taken earlier with Registrar Dr. Subodh Raj Sharma who had said earlier  that a representative of Pradhyapak Sang will be selected within 10 days’ time, had appointed another person other than the Pradhyapak Sang caused grievance to the committee and their members who stood against it and locked up the University main administrative building. Kathmandu University meanwhile was conducting semester end exams for different streams which have now been disrupted due to the intervention of Pradhyapak Sang.