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Koizora International Language Academy
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Koizora believes that the world is full of opportunities, with various choices and alternatives. Nevertheless, it is also an important fact to remember that without good guidance and access to a good educational institution, the youthful, active, passionate and potential minds are slowly turning dormant and dreary. In spite of having all the mediums necessary to invest in standard education, many of the students are obliged to just stand and watch, not getting a quality education. In most of the cases, due to the improper guidance and misinformation by friends, families, seniors and even institutions, youth mind are often left to wonder about reality and suggestions. Due to such, young, enthusiastic minds often go down to lose their passion and are left to settle for what is given to them. For bridging this anxiety among youths, Koizora International Language Academy is determined to make sure that the doors for best educational and economic opportunities are opened for young minds. Koizora International Language Academy aids the students to select the correct schools, the right colleges, and universities in Japan according to the student’s goal, economic background and course of study in order to make the student’s dream successful.

Courses offered by Koizora International Language Academy are:

  •         Full-time Japanese Courses
  •         Part-time Japanese Courses
  •         Individual Japanese Courses
  •         Japanese Exam Preparation Courses


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