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About the Program

1st year:
BPH-101- Applied Science and first aid
BPH-102- Biostatistics and computer application
BPH-103- fundamental of Epidemiology 
BPH- 104- Public Health laboratory Science-I
BPH-105- Public Health laboratory Science-II
BPH-106- Public health, primary health care and community health development 
BPH-107- Food and Nutrition.
2nd year:
BPH-201- Applied sociology and anthropology
BPH-202- Environment and health
BPH-203- Applied Epidemiology
BPH-204- Public health administration and health economics.
BPH-205-Introductory Health education and school health
BPH- 206- Family health, reproductive health and demography
BPH- 207- community health diagnosis.
3rd year:
BPH- 301- Public health research
BPH-302- Applied environmental health, occupational health and safely.
BPH-303- Human resource development.
BPH-304- Health services management in Nepal
BPH-305- Applied health education and oral health 
BPH-306- Applied family health, reproductive health and mental health
BPH-307- comprehensive field practice.

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