How MISS NEPAL Pageant changes the life of the participant?

Miss Nepal pageant has always been controversial; either for its winner or for calling it undignified. On one hand is people’s fallacious belief towards the pageant and on the other hand, the participants of the pageant claims to have benefitted by the pageant.  To learn if the pageant really is advantageous or just a platform to showcase beauty, Colleges Nepal asked few ex-contestants of Miss Nepal pageant ‘How Miss Nepal pageant changes the life of a participant?’

I’ve participated in beauty pageants from the age of 12. Well, I have participated in 5 beauty contests and my parents and teachers always encouraged me to participate in such kind of competitions. From each competition, I have learned a lot of things which has been helping me throughout my personal and professional life. These beauty pageants helped me groom more and were big stepping stone to enter the national level competition, Miss Nepal. The trainings provided at Miss Nepal pageant helped me a lot at enhancing my confidence and brushing up my communication skill. Miss Nepal just not only gives priority to beauty but it also focuses on empowering young ladies to voice out their opinion, to be courageous and most importantly, it helps us realize the importance of serving our society. After being Miss Nepal Earth, I’ve received various opportunities in lots of organizations.

The training that I have received from Miss Nepal did not only help me on stage but it has been helping me every day in the life and it’s something that I will treasure forever. I got one in a lifetime opportunity to represent our country in the international arena in Miss Earth 2015 held in Vienna Austria and I take immense pride in being one of the ambassador of our country, Nepal.

Dibyata Vaidya

Miss Nepal Earth 2015

Ace Institute of Management

Ex-BBA student

I joined Miss Nepal during that phase of my life when I was searching to be meaningful. You know, that transitional phase we all go through. I thought everyone around me is educated, will get a job and odds are I get too. What should I do to be different? It was my sister who had to convince me to join Miss Nepal pageant. At one point, it looked like she was forcing me. But I‘m so thankful she did that. I was not even one inch close to those girly things; no makeup, no heels, straight forward, very loud and kinda snappy. My wardrobe looked like it belonged to two different personalities. By the end of the training, I had transformed so much. I got my first pay cheque from my first job (on TV) because of Miss Nepal. My confidence reached another level while I became a spirit monster. Result? I've been working as freelancer host and working for Radio now. I rapped on stage for a subtitle and realized that I can do what NOBODY can do. 

Nishma Dhungana Choudhary

Top 5 Miss Nepal 2015

Masters In Clinical Psychology

Tribhuvan University

Miss Nepal pageant; the most aspired title that every girl dreams of, is the biggest platform that I have received in my life till date. As most Nepali girls, I too had a dream of becoming Miss Nepal someday, so I applied for it in the hopes of changing my life for better. Luckily, I got selected too. The training duration was six weeks. During the training period, all the contestants were provided with the opportunity to learn from the best trainers of the industry. We were groomed to develop our personality, build our confidence and be a better version of ourselves. We received different trainings on fitness and health, skin care, walk, etc. We learned about cultural heritage, social issues, personality development, dining etiquettes and many more. And at the end of the training, I found myself transformed into a more confident lady, exposed to the outer world and more than that I started believing in myself. Though I didn’t win the crown, I am happy that I got to learn so much and today wherever I go, I do not forget to wear my invisible crown that the Miss Nepal has given me.

Jubi Joshi

Miss Nepal 2016 top 19

Sunway International Business School


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