Success Delayed Is Not Success Denied

Tom Watson once said, “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.” Who doesn't love the word success? Everyone. But adoring the stories of success and self-succeeding are two diverse aptitudes. So every now and then, people believe that failure is the highway to success. If we flip the pages of history, we will find that all stories of success are also stories of great failures. But people don’t see the failures. They only see one side of the picture and they say that person got lucky:”He must have been at the right place at the right time.” But wait we need to change our perception now.

People often assume that social science is hardly career-oriented and it doesn’t give better future and success, but it’s utterly wrong judgment because social science has been a leading spectrum throughout the world since ages and still many intelligent and sharp minded students have been rising into the world of social science. Although the pure science has its own importance: It is clearly visible that social science has the majestic position in the academic realm. The subject of social science has wide web of social connection in society. They rule the societal aspects beautifully. The interdisciplinary approaches of this course and its interrelation with society have always hastened my desire to be into the world of social science. Let me say like this- - Social sciences are a discipline I have always had a great interest in.

Despite my interest, everything was not easy to move on. Far from my interests my family already had a road map of my academic career. They were already geared up to impose their philosophy into my career, and apart from my family, that problem was with my own society also, who always misunderstood hidden prospect of social science. They always prioritize on the career. But I had to understand myself first. So deleting all those barriers and impositions.

I started the journey of social science in 2010. From that date, it’s been seven years I am in touch with social science. It has changed my perception towards the society. I can define and forecast where I will be in next seven years. To be honest social science has simplified my complicated dreams. Similarly, understanding the connection between human and society through geography and sociology was my greatest earning ever and it has given me much more than just knowledge.

Now my dream is to change the society I live in. But in the herd of making a Career, my society has been blind and lame. People in the society are educated but they are anonymous of the mechanism and essence of social science. The mechanical world has influenced them negatively and modernization has destroyed the sentiments of the human kingdom. Society measures the success based on earning rather than learning. So I keep going. I keep dreaming.
Success is not what subject you comprehend or which job you do. It is more than any subject or profession. Success defined by how you cope up in society with people. Success never meant to be in the age of thirties or forties. I believe age is just a number and subject is just a medium. The important is your perception. When you keep doing good works with positive perception then these assumptions will be wrong. Success follows you but we should make a foundation of knowledge strong so that we get a caliber of doing everything in life.

It is imperative to identify the value of knowledge in this chaotic world. Although the pure science has been recognized secure and career-oriented than the social science it is significant to be aware of the intricate relation these dimension of science share with each other. The development of science and technology simultaneously with various branches of social science is indispensable for the overall societal progress and parameter of our everyday lives. I believe that social science is always a royal and most demanding one. Sooner or later career on social science is very much blissful.

Hemanta Sapkota

Tribhuvan University

The writer is HSEB topper (Gold Medalist) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2012 from Sainik College Bhaktapur.

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