What students look for in a college

Like the saying goes ‘well begun is half done’, selecting the college that meets the needs and expectations of students that help them flourish both academically and socially are must. College plays a vital role in shaping one’s future. So it’s obvious for students to expect certain things from the college they will be attending. So, in order to understand what Students look for in a College, we talked with few students who have appeared 12th examination.

Since college is the place where we get the opportunity to interact with the real world, it’s obvious for us to expect something more than the school. Here we will be spending 3 or four years of our life which is crucial in shaping our future, so international standard education and highly qualified faculty members are most.
The teachers must be kind and helpful and should willingly satisfy our queries. Along with that, there should be a peaceful environment for learning. ECA plays a vital role keeping us refreshed. I am looking forward to scholarship opportunities as well. I think college should have a system of giving rewards to students who do good academically and in ECAs as well. It plays a vital role in motivating students to do well. Scholarships should be provided to deserving students. College should have a good library that consists an array of reading materials other than course book. It should focus on preparing students for real market by equipping them with practical skills. Providing job placement in the reputed organization after graduation is equally important.

Rubina Koirala
East Pole Higher Secondary School

Going to a new college or institution, one can have lots of expectation and hopes. We want a huge range of well-equipped high-tech labs at college. A college should have a realistic working environment where we can develop our skill and get ready for the
working world. There are lots of facilities which could be provided by the college such as art design and fashion studios where we can develop our creative skills practically using ceramics, woods and metal textiles.

Apart from providing students with PCs, every classroom should be equipped with a smart board. The college should have tutors and teachers who have in-depth knowledge of the latest and updated technology so they can teach us the same. They should be approachable and always ready to solve any doubts that we may have. There should be a simple yet effective learning environment where a student feels comfortable in learning.

Aliza Baniya

GS College

In our country, we still have traditional approach of teaching. We have to attend lectures for hours. Teachers are least interested in making students understand about the topic they are teaching. They are not concerned if the student is learning and being knowledgeable.
It still revolves around proper dress and arriving college on time. Yeah, it’s important to some extent but it’s not the core of the education. Rather than focusing on student’s appearance, college should shift its focus to providing effective education using the latest technology.

My expectation is that the college should not be just book oriented but also understand the student’s interest. The teacher should understand the caliber of individual student and treat them accordingly. In my case, I want to join morning class and I wanted to join KU but unfortunately, KU does not run morning class for sociology so I have to join TU. So I think, they should provide classes as per student’s convenience as well.

Bipana Sharma
Lumbini Higher Secondary School

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