Asahi International Consultancy

Asahi International Consultancy is an educational consultancy with expert team who graduated from Japan. The strength of this consultancy comes from the dedicated teams of professionals who gives perfect counseling and are expert in allocating students to Japan. Asahi has a good reputation of higher success rates in sending students to Japan, and the consultancy has its background strength in Japanese Education System.

Japan is a good country for pursuing standard quality of education. The schools and universities in Japan follow practical learning method which is sure to help the students to build a better career. Asahi International Consultancy has connections with the top schools and universities of Japan so that the students can get the best available option for building their career. The consultancy believes in giving full support to the student with detailed genuine information.

Asahi International Consultancy prepares students for:

  • NAT
  • JLPT
  • TOP J
  • J Test

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