CAN Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

CAN Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is student’s gateway to CANADA for the purpose of getting higher education. The team of CAN Consulting Services are motivated by the aspiration of the students to migrate to Canada for pursuing higher education. The consultancy was founded with a good intent of helping people to achieve their abroad dream in all possible ways.

CAN Consulting Services takes pleasure in helping students fulfill their study needs and migrating to Canada. The consultancy has team of experts ready to give unbiased genuine counseling and guidance to the students and help them in the Visa application as well. The team are dedicated to help fulfill the needs of the students even after arriving to Canada.


Services Provided by CAN Consulting Services Are:

·        Professional Academic Counseling

·        Diplomatic and Strategic Documentation

·        Expert Counseling and Advising

·        VISA Preparation

·        Post-Departure Services

·        Assist in  applying for PR




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