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Confer Foundation is among the most reliable brand name in the context of abroad study in Nepal. The consultancy has been assisting Nepalese students who are looking forward to pursue their higher studies from abroad countries. Confer Foundation’s primary objective is to make sure that students and clients seeking guidance from Confer Foundation are given the best chance to build a solid base for making their careers.

Confer Foundation seeks out to tend to the needs of its clients with flexibility to provide quality guidance and counseling for selecting suitable study program and help the students to find top ranking university/colleges throughout the world. The decision for selecting a good experienced consultancy can be a challenge for most of the students, and moreover the success rate is also not guaranteed but Confer Foundation has expert and experienced counselor who can give students proper guidance. Just 5 minute discussion with the counselor can enlighten students about their destination, and give them relief from all the mental stress, worries and aspiration which the student may have had about migrating to overseas.

Services provided by Confer Foundation are:

·       Giving Information for Overseas Education.

·       Assist Students in Selection of the Right College/university.

·       Educational Planning and Assist in Course Selection.

·       Facilitate application process for abroad study.

·       Student Counseling

·       Detailed information on Accommodation Services

·       Documentation of Students.

Confer Foundation Also Provides Classes for:

·       German Language

·       Korean Language

·       IELTS

·       TOEFL

Abroad Study Programs for:

·        India

·        Australia

·        Canada

·        Germany

·        Finland

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