EDU. CAMPAIGN PVT. LTD. is solution for the students international study needs. Its assist students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas .It provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as Australia, Japan, China and Europe.It  specializes in tailoring pathway in careers to suit individual profiles within the constraints that may prevail and is entirely solution-oriented for abroad study. Aspiring students may have constraints either educational, financial or personal. EDU. CAMPAIGN PVT. LTD. has been dedicated to the cause of providing personalized counseling to the students as well as  parents at all stages of studying abroad right from pre-school to post-university level. 

Edu Campaign Pvt.Ltd. is ahead in the field of Global Education and supports on  essentials for ‘Studying Abroad’. Edu. Campaign Pvt.Ltd. bring the concept of overseas education to the student forefront, making it affordable and streamlining  cumbersome procedures which one has to normally go through. Edu. Campaign Pvt. Ltd..has been progressing fast and covers wide network of international academic sectors. As a result, the interested students are provided with the first hand information about the school/colleges.


  • Visa Guidance
  • Career Counselling
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Documentation
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Post Departure Assistance
  • Destinations
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Japan
  • New Zealand 

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