Global Education and Migration Services

Commenced in Sydney with the name of AB Cube Academic Solutions, Global Education and Migration Services (GEMS Education and Migration Services) was formed in 2008 with aim of paving easy pathway for students looking forward to abroad study and building a successful career in international level. AB Cube Academic Solutions have been providing quality consultation for their clients in the the matter of pursuing higher education in various countries world-wide such as Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA.

AB Cube Academic Solutions operates in different parts of the world such as in Nepal (Global Education and Migration Services), Australia and New Zealand. Global Education and Migration Services facilitates students the opportunity to be in the best universities around the world. The consultancy operates with the dedication and services by highly skilled, trained and qualified individuals, who are expert in career guidance and counseling services for gaining foreign education.

Global Education and Migration Services provides visa services for:

·        Student Visa

·        Visitor Visa

·        Working Visa

·        Skilled Visa

·        Partner Visa

·        Parent Visa

·        Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa

·        Temporary Visa for Corporation



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