Mid town Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Mid town Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Mid town Consultancy is a unique education consultancy and language school in Kathmandu, registered under the government of Nepal. It caters to students needs and committed to provide quality education to all under closed supervision of highly qualified and experienced teachers. It provides an opportunity for further study to aspirants in Countries like Japan, Australia, Canada.
Japan and Nepal have played important role in the sector of world peace. Japan has continuously supporting Nepal in different ways for the development. Good knowledge of Japanese language and their culture and make your dream of higher study come true. Japan ranks second most technology powerful economy after the United States. It retains its Eastern culture but employ Western technology at same time. Japanese economy ranks as the third largest in the world after the economies of the Unites States and China respectively. Guarantee for life time employment with job security is assured.
Midtown Consultancy is co-operating with following institutions in Japan:
  • Narita Japanese Language School
  • Yu Language Academy
  • Anabuki International exchange center
  • Sendai Educational Academy
  • Nishi Nihon International Education Institute
  • Nagano International Culture College
  • EHLE GAKUEN JAPANESE LANGUAGE INSTITUTE etc.(Logon to our website for more details)
Mid town Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
                                              Image: Language Class at Mid Town Consultancy
Midtown education provides student's.
  • Academic qualifications:
  • +2 upto 26 years.
  • Bachelor pass until 29 years.
  • Master pass until 33 years.Can apply for student VISA.
Australia is another destination. Mid town Consultancy provides assistance and guidance in choosing right schools and courses, guaranteeing admission . Climate of the Country suits best for Nepalese. Multi cultural community ensures a comfortable atmosphere for learning, working and living for the students from foreign land. It provides up-to date information about the courses and the institutes. Information regarding financial 
scholarships and financial aid, credit transfer,documentation guidance for Colleges and Universities, VISA preparation classes.
Education at Canada is within provincial jurisdiction and curriculum is often seen by the province.Education is divided into primary education, secondary education and post-secondary education preceding one over the other.Education is compulsory upto age of 16. In some provinces early living exemptions can be granted under certain circumstances at 14.

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