Overseas education center is an organized member of ECAN (Educational consultancies association of Nepal), ICC Nepal (International chamber of commerce Nepal, NCC (Nepal chamber of commerce). It was established in the year 1993.         Overseas education center have franchise office in Perth, Australia.It believes in the mission to help and assist students finding their goals through study opportunity around the world. It provides a formal link between international education institutions and the student bycontinually broadening and improving their services. Overseas education center co-operates with national international educational organizations, maintaining an extensive network of contacts in educational field. It believes in honesty as the best policy while dealing. Besides, it provides classes and seminars for extensive interaction of ideas and opportunities to understand the culture, lifestyle as acclimatization session before leaving Nepal for the going abroad country.Student visa guidelines and assistance in processing visa applications, cooperation of our portfolio institution and professionals, short listing and referral procedures, verification of documents by our embassies for student visa. Overseas education center does all these for students going abroad for education. You can study in countries like Australia, UK, Cyprus and USA. These countries have globally recognized degrees and hold prominent positions worldwide. In United Kingdom you can choose from over 50, ooo courses in more than 25 subject areas. Cyprus is ideal setting for higher learning. USA is the hub of foreign students who go there for study and work parttime. Work permits are also made available in such conditions. For making entry students must have appeared for test (such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and SAT). Students can enroll for the course and need to appear in English as a secondary langugae program in their colleges. We are located at Jawlakhel, Kathmandu opposite St. Xavier’s school.

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