Rhino International Education Consultancy

Rhino International Education Consultancy
Rhino International Education Consultancy is a premium education consultant located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu. It provides excellence in education service to develop qualitative growth in students and lead them to achieve success in personal and professional life. It provides outstanding facilites and resources with substantial management for students  because studying abroad is challenging but rewarding at the same time. Japan is one of the most popular destinations for abroad education. Students in Japanese schools donot skip grades nor are they held back, homeroom teachers often follow their students through grades.
  • Application processing involves documentations including cover letter, application form, passport, COE, Admission letter of the school, Academic certificates, face interview and getting VISA.
  • Counselling is very important for studying in Japan. Japanese Language Institute is the first stage of enrollment and the students will have to take entrance examinations.
  • Pre-departure sessions: Before you leave for your exchange you are required to attend a compulsory Japan abroad pre departure sessions.
  • Test preparations: A pre-assessment to help determine those ready to test and those who can benefit from further training.
  • Visa Counselling: All international students are required to obtain Student permit and visa on receiving an acceptance letter.
Language tests:
  • NAT test
  • JLPT test
  • TOP-J
Rhino International Education Consultancy
                                                Image: Seminar on Study in Japan.
Accreditation bodies:
  • Junior Colleges
  • Law schools
  • Business schools
  • Public policy schools
  • School of public health
  • School of intellectual property studies.
Types of schools(Regulatory bodies):
  • Language schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Universities(Ministry of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and technology)

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