Student's Destination Pvt.Ltd.

Student's Destination Pvt.Ltd.

Student’s destination is an education consultancy for abroad studies that helps the students avoid the pitfalls due to lacking knowledge regarding further education and future career. They have set up a unique resource to give step by step guidance for the entire process. The systematized approach and network with Colleges and Universities help students who apply for their studies at foreign destinations. Student's destination provides education councelling for many countries and also provides visas for immigration and visit.

Some of the works that Student's destination do are:

  • Conduct spot admission on behalf of the institutes at their office;
  • Provide required information to the aspirants about course, College, University, Country, Location.
  • Identifying appropriate course that match with student’s need,
  • Ascertain course fees to meet with student’s pocket, arranging provisional admission offer from institute,
  • Facilitating visa pre departure formalities, liaison between institutes and Parents, local guardian for international students, complete marketing support to the institutes for conducting admissions.
  • Provides test preparations for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT.

Visa Counseling Service is provided which includes:

  • Information and instructions for booking the visa details,
  • Guidance for paying the visa and SEVIS fees and filling visa application forms,
  • Help in preparing the necessary VISA documents and hold mock VISA interview sessions.
  • Get financial certificate forms and instructions issued by the University and provide sample of bank letter, statement and affidavit of support and referrals to institutions
  • Issuing the loans, streamline the admission process by helping you take right step at the right time in your international school application process.

Services for abroad study in foreign Country includes studies in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, Poland, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, South Africa.

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