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Valley International consultancy has dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in education, training, consulting and management. It provides education abroad in countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, and S.Korea. Valley International consultancy also provides test preparation classes for abroad education by conducting courses of IELTS, TOEFL, NAT. Students interested in studying language for going abroad can join language classes. We have English, Korean, Japanese language classes in operation. Our quality of service is reflected in our company structure and policy. Valley International Consultancy also provides computer training. Aspiring students who have interest in learning programming and Graphic designing course can contact us and we will help in their enrollment. Valley International consultancy also organize events and seminars for e.g. Seminar on Japanese Language for Working VISA, Seminar on English language and other programs related to foreign studies in respective countries. One of the most sought after country for education is Australia after U.S.A. Australian Universities are among the top 100 World ranking Universities. National office of overseas Skills recognition (NOOSR) is an Australian government organization that assesses and recognizes overseas qualifications.

Over the years Australia has attracted diverse number of students from Asia, Europe, and NorthAmerica. Australia’s world class research and development has benifitted millions around the world. Australia has strong research and development capabilites. Valley International consultancy has testamonials of students who have graduated successful in their student VISA. Many students from various districts have gone abroad through Valley International Consultancy. We are located in Putalisadak as your academic advisor. We also help you select the right course for study and help you with VISA documentation and your pre admission requirements in your chosen subjects and Universities.

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