Academician views on Education Policy

There’s a huge importance of the education policy as it guides the education system. For the development of education system and the overall country, there’s a need of a proper education policy. The education should be such that it can create employment opportunities. It's saddening that education ministry granted 47, 000 no objection letter to the students recently. There are so many Universities and colleges in Nepal but students are flying abroad for the higher studies. The education policy should ensure that those students going abroad will return to their own country after completion of their studies. For that, we need an education that provides job opportunities, a stable government, quality education, and overall security.

The private educational institution has been playing a vital role in the implementation of education policy of the country in an effective way and it is similar throughout the world. Though the investment in the government colleges and private colleges is same, the private sector has passed on the government college in terms of infrastructure, facilities, teacher management, etc. A huge need of the nation has been fulfilled by the private sector but the government seems to disregard the contributions of it.



Education policy plays a vital role in the development of country’s infrastructure; I don’t see a proper education policy though. The requirements of the country should be identified first by the government such as the need of a number of technical manpower. It is performed by the planning commission and accordingly, the curriculum should be improvised. The private sectors of education field are a number of producing redundant graduates. We are still following the old curriculum of TU. Technology and communication have evolved. There are various modern ways now being implemented throughout the world but we are following traditional methods. A curriculum should be introduced which can produce manpower capable enough to compete in the international market.

Nepal can be an education hub where not only Nepali students but international students come for higher studies. The students going out of the country for higher studies should be minimized. My message to all the students is that you should go abroad to have international exposure but please apply that knowledge in your own country and try to bring employment opportunities here.



Education policy has helped the students a lot. The trend has changed. The students are now working while they are studying. In this way, they are gaining experience and knowledge side by side. After they finish their college, they will emerge an experienced graduate, ready to hold a higher post. There’s a huge difference in a fresher and an experienced employee. Well, the number of students going abroad has reduced. We can find talented teachers and many job opportunities here in Nepal so students are now willing to study in Nepal. Government colleges are getting support from the government. With the help of the internet, teachers are learning new methodologies, techniques and much more. We hope to get help from the government but we are not getting any.



If we talk about the education policy of Nepal, it has been improving since 2007 B.S. A number of colleges and universities has sprout since then but a proper education policy hasn’t yet been implemented. With the change in government, the process of implementing education policy comes to rest. The government should have a clear vision such as how many manpower does the nation need in the sectors like engineering, medicine, management, etc. The government has reduced the investment and eventually, the number of private colleges increased. Most of the popular subjects are available in Nepal so, students don’t have to go abroad to study. Students who are economically weak choose to study in Government College. Private colleges are expensive so, the government should improve the education system of government colleges.



Today’s education system is limited to only paper work. Education should be market oriented. We should be able to produce graduates who are competent enough to contribute to the economic growth and so should be the environment. In an agricultural country like Nepal, agriculture is being neglected. Though we have all the needed equipment that can contribute to the development of agriculture, students keep on chasing the government job. It’s saddening but this can halt the improvement of economy and education. Government plays a major role in education, however, we cannot just blame the government. Even the education institute should take responsibility. We should be able to provide employment opportunities to graduates. In 2017 BS, Nepal and South Korea were at the same level in term of development. At that time, US funded to build an institute of Science and Technology. This is one of the factors that helped South Korea develop gradually. So it is clear that driving force is education. Nepal needs to learn that. In Nepal, we don’t have an international standard Institute of Science and Technology yet. So I want to plead our government to focus on developing research centers and build an international standard Institute of Science and Technology.


I think the government should invest more in the education sector. The intake of the students in the private colleges should be specified, as nowadays we can see that even small colleges running in two rooms are admitting a large number of students.
It should be prohibited and the number of intakes should be fixed according to the infrastructure. The overall education policy of Nepal follows traditional approach. The students here should be provided with better learning methodologies. Though our country is an agricultural country, educated students don’t want to invest their sweat and time in agriculture. Everyone is after government job. The motive of education is to enhance your skills and creativity. Students should invest their knowledge and skills in their own country. Students should be provided an environment to work in Nepal. Then, they might not go abroad in search of opportunities.


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