Choosing The Right Degree

The 12th-grade examination is over already and the result is around the corner. At this time, it’s obvious for students to be in a dilemma about which degree to choose, as a variety of program with the similar subjects has been introduced in the recent years. A few years back, it was relatively easy to make a decision as there were very limited subject choices such as BBS, BBA, MBBS, BA, BHM, BIT, BSc. But now lots of integrated courses like BIM, BBA-BI, B.Sc. in Tea Technology and Management, B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics and so on has surfaced.

Choosing a right course is a key decision and often challenging as it’s going to shape your future. Though a daunting process, making the right decision for the sake of the future career is a must. However, which program fits your need is still a big question. So before making any decision, consider evaluating yourself, uncover your interest, strength, talent, and work-related values.

Passion plays a vital role, so identify what you are passionate about and follow your interest. Motivation is one of the major ingredients for success. 'Are you willing to put the effort that the particular subject demands?' is another major question you need to ask yourself. Rather than thinking if I am intelligent enough to pursue this program, know if you are passionate enough to pursue it.

Since a number of similar type of programs has popped up over the time, a proper research on which program satisfy your ambition is essential. Listing out the similar type of courses and then researching them in detail will be helpful. Exploring the internet, going through college prospectus and taking suggestions from friends and relatives would save lots of headaches. Making a decision by yourself can be little difficult, so you can seek help from teachers of your current school or college staffs. If you know any seniors who have taken the same subject as your interest, take suggestions from them. They will be able to provide you with in-depth details. Not just the program, research on various career paths that the program will lead to.

The decision you make today will empower you tomorrow. So, take your time, think properly and then decide what you want to study further.

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