Dream: Only one power to encourage

Before Starting, let me say that I am a magazine fanatic, a junkie who from my earliest school days has been obsessed with flipping through the pages of magazines, first absorbed in their images and stories, later conveying and writing my own. Time changed and so do my junkiness. I attached in Colleges Nepal exactly a month ago and I found myself in this beautiful team. Wait, I have a story to tell…

Well after a successful online publishing, Colleges Nepal commenced its magazine journey last month. It was an amazing start-up. Something new to inspire the generation. As per our vision, we could take our first issue in almost all the major towns in the country. Within a very short period of time, Colleges Nepal got a positive sight from the huge group of people.

But Publishing a magazine is not an easy task. In every step, we must be in debt of many people. Quite often we must plead and knock people. Some moment comes where we give up suddenly. But strong team work and dream of doing something gives us a positive vibe to resume the zeal. Dream is only one power to encourage us to move on positively.

After some beautiful suggestions and feedbacks from our dear readers, our team has come up with the theme of dreams for the issue of Jestha. Even in country’s political instability, we managed to keep up the spirit high and come up with this inspiring bunch of knowledge. What is in your hand is not just a magazine, it’s a beautiful garland of flowers, which smells to wake you up and dream.

In this issue, you will enjoy reading amazing stories of tireless dreamers and doers who made our country proud. You would get to read so many life stories of amazing personalities. After reading these stories you will be motivated you to leave your comfort zone and fight for your dream. Dreams lead our life and take us where we want to be. But dreaming is another part, here the important is changing that dream into reality. So, let you dive into the pond of dreams. “If you dive you will dream.”

Hemanta Sapkota
Managing Editor

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