Guardians role in Education in Nepal

In our country, it’s quite common for parents to think that their children should pursue a career that is regarded high profile in the society without considering what they actually want. However, the scenario is changing gradually.

Parents are being more sensitive towards their children’s aspirations as well. Thus, to understand today’s parent’s perception, we interviewed Goyal family.

Q) Parents tend to pressurize their children to take a certain course or to make a career in the certain field. Have you ever said Jayant that he should study any specific program?

Mom: No we have never pressurized our son for anything.
Dad: We never pressurized Jayant. Children already have their own problems. If parents also start to pressurize them, they will never be able to perform well. Pressurizing children to become doctor or engineer is not a right practice.

Q) What was your childhood dream?
Jayant: As a child, I aspired to be a cricketer. But my parents never knew about it as I never said them anything.

Q) Did you ever ask Jayant what he wanted to be as a child?
Dad: No, I never asked.
Mom: He used to say I want to become like my dad and join the business.

Q) After completing SLC, which course Jayant wanted to pursue and how did he decide that?
Dad: After class 10 we asked him what he wanted to do. I suggest him to take science if he was willing to be an engineer as my daughter is an engineer. But he said he wanted to pursue management.

Q) Why did you decide to join Management, Jayant?
Jayant: I thought I could not do well in science so I decided to pursue management.
Mom: He felt that science is little difficult.

Q) You decided to choose management by yourself or someone else influences you to do that?
Jayant: I find commerce easier than other subjects so I decided to join it. And I think it was a right decision.

Q) Though you never imposed anything on him, within your heart what you wanted your son to be?
Mom: I always wanted him to study well and make a good career.

Q) Now your son will be a business person. You must be very happy….
Dad: He has a sharp mind. No matter what he does I am sure he will succeed.

Q) Though you did not pressurize him, did you influence him in any way to get into the family business?
Dad: No, we never did that. Mom: No Never

Q) What do you want to do after graduation?
Jayant: I want to hold a prominent position in a reputed company.

Q) Don’t you want to join business?
Jayant: if I get a good job I will do that if not I might get into the business.

Q) What do you think what kind of college would be best for you?
I would prefer to join government college.

Q) It seems like every action is carried out by your parent - from choosing a college to preparing documents. Don’t you think you should do things by yourself Jayant?
Dad: He does everything by himself. We just support and guide him.
Mom: As a parent, it’s our duty to guide him but he too needs to be responsible.

Q) Apart from study, what you want to do?
Jayant: I want to join cricket academy.
Dad: Previously he had joined the academy but later left it. He then wanted to learn graphic design. We let him do that.

Q) Your parents do not seem to restrict you to do anything. Are you happy that you got a chance to study the program of your interest?
Yes, indeed I am very lucky to have such parents. Now, I will be pursuing B com. (Hons.).

As a conclusion, it seems that the Jayant family is very much understanding and don’t believe in imposing their interest upon Jayant and allowed him to study the program of his choice.

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