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There is this notion that innovation arrives like a bolt out of the blue as a radical departure from previous knowledge, but in reality most new ideas are extensions, twist or variations of what’s come before. It is largely the skill of putting old things together in a new way. It can be also seeking out familiar idea in a novel way. Using this concept, there are lots of young generations who want to test the water so that they can use their skills into practice. Students in the field of Engineering, Management and Entrepreneurship studies often test their skills and use their knowledge in creating something new and original. They are conditioned to build or invent idea that can be applied to design innovative products and services. These are the students involved in the field of innovation. This field is not confined to one focus area rather it can come from unassuming yet interesting places and once you have found it you hit the jackpot. Here are some of the ideas shared by some innovators throughout the world which was possible from their ingenious thoughts and experiments. These ideas are very practical and their prototype has grabbed lots of attention from big companies and industries also. Some of them are mentioned here.

Making attendance with a face recognition device:
We all are used to finger imprints to mark our attendance till now in business organizations. Marking attendance with a face recognition device eradicates burdensome and time consuming attendance task. Attendance management by the conventional method has been a challenge in recent years. The growing need of automation techniques of marking attendance is growing challenge in the area of face recognition. Intelligent application of iterative facial recognition techniques can make attendance management system more reliable. The task of face recognition is done by C++program written using open CV library. The program uses two classifiers on training database and labels of images. Eigenface Algorithm (Principal component analysis) and Fisher face algorithm (Linear Discriminant analysis) are used as confirmation of prediction. The Haar’s cascade is run to segment the faces which are the evaluated by the two algorithms and predictions are returned by both. The value of prediction is accurate 90% of the trials. It depends on the quality of images in the database.

Alcohol sensing helmet:
The Information technology students from India made an innovative alcohol sensing helmet that will not let you start a bike if it senses you are drunk. The advanced breath analyzer helmet uses the blue tooth encryption technology. It was shortlisted at top 5 spot at Ericsson innovation awards.

The battery of e-scooter charges faster than a phone. S340 is one of the first smart e-scooters and its battery charges within an hour. It can easily cover 50,000 kilometers with its battery pack. The newest edition to the Daymak Line is the Daymak rogue. This fully electric scooter is the perfect way to travel intercity. This 72V electric scooter comes with a blue tooth controller to allow you to adjust acceleration, lock the motor, increase the range and much more. The slightly larger seat height allows for a comfortable ride to all riders (all size).Other features include 3 speed switch turn signals and break lights. Foldable features, charge time 6-8 hours. In box weight 125 kgs.

Hay Bale Wrap:
On farms, hay bales are often wrapped in 8-10 layers of plastic films before the hay is stored outside. This is done to preserve the nutrition in the hay for animals but it is adding trashes which are not bio-degradable. A group of 8-9 graders from a school in Canada designed a bio-plastic made from plant starch and fiber. When it was used the bio plastic could be used as an edible product or as a fertilizer.

Re-writable t-shirts:
Mirik Gogri and Ayush Jain from IIT-Bombay made the impossible possible. They formed Humming whale product innovation. It is a company that innovates path breaking products. They came with idea of re-writable t-shirts. It is unique because you can write and erase. It was worn by cast of big boss.

Service robot developed by Paaila Technology private limited in Nepal. It was created to fulfill role of lobby manager assisting customers by verbally explaining the bank’s functionalities. This Robot will help the customer know about business through sound and interactive touch screen software. It greets people when they enter in the bank and asks to help them when it senses people in proximity. The program to guide people is coupled with voice assistance.

Sleep mining:
Wearing a small sensor on your head, at home, while you sleep, could be the key to diagnosing diseases early and assessing overall health. Dr. Philip Low, the founder of a medical technology firm called NeuroVigil called, “This-tech enables us to look for faint signals of schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, depression or Alzheimer’s in the brain, even though there may be no obvious symptoms.” Low’s device has found a number of applications: evaluating children with autism, studying the efficacy of trial-phase drugs and assessing traumatic brain injury in soldiers.

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