Students perception on old aged parents

Parent are the one who give birth to the child, grow up their children, teach them what is right and what is wrong, send them to school and colleges to get more knowledge and to know and adapt the changing world and to secure their life. But whenever parents become old they just forget the love and care of their parents, they just get irritate from the activity of their old parents, they don’t want to understand the perception, feelings of their parents. They forget how they used to peevishly whine to their parents from birth by crying over whole night and not giving them time to sleep till their school and college days. Asking to buy a whole lot of accessories. Despite of those, they fulfill all the responsibilities of their children to make them happily. But today most of them are unaware or hesitate to accept that and instead shout at their parents for not understanding their feelings and send them to the Bridha ashram.

From my point of view, it’s our duty and responsibility to understand the feelings of the parents, and to fulfill their needs and wants as possible and not make them to feel that they are burden for us. We have to talk to them regularly so that they want feel alone and share many new things and take suggestion as well,as they are experienced to many things that we are unaware and from which we can learn from. If we have taken our old parents as burden, send them to the Bridha ashram then we must take a note and it is obvious that the earth is round, everyone turn comes. Whatever we have done to our parents our children will also do the same thing to us in future.

-Preety Shrestha



Our parents are the pillar of our life. They are the one who brought us in this world, fed us, grew us and made us the person we are today. They contribute their whole life to make their children successful. Their dream begins with their children and happiness lies in the smile of their children. Today our country is largely influenced by European trend and culture like having nuclear family, moving out of their parents’ home after marriage. But they care for their parents in their own way unlike our country where these self proclaimed modern peoples adapting the culture of only of moving out but leave their parents in misery. European peoples are fine with their culture and they are adapted to it but in our country our parents like to stay with their children, live like a family. And we have to see that how much it hurts them living alone or living in old cares facilities. Being a girl it’s little hard for us to look after our parents as our culture forces us to move out from our home. But I think we should not forget our responsibility towards them and always try to help them lead a happy old age life because this is the period they need us the most. In my view a family is always incomplete without parents and before giving them a heart ache one should take in mind that how would we feel if our children did us the same?

-Pratibha Limbu



It has become the baby boom generation’s latest and, in some ways, most agonizing life crisis: what to do when the parents who once took care of you can no longer take care of themselves. One day our parents won’t be able to drive, to climb stairs, or may be not able to change their own clothes or feed themselves. As painful as thinking about this might be we need to prepare to help them be comfortable and safe in their last stages of their lives. No one wants to think about their parents at end of their days, much less talk about it. Infact 75 percent of adults haven’t had in-depth discussion with their parents about things like living arrangements in retirement, long-term care and funeral wishes. But it’s not just we adult children who are avoiding the big talk. Nearly a third of people ages 50 and up haven’t even had such discussion with their spouses yet. I would like to request everyone to think once before acting rude towards their parents about the caring they provided for those last past days, months, years and even every single minute towards them to the day they are alive.

-Tek Bohora
Shwoyambhu International College



When you ask a child, who do you love the most? Is it your Father or your Mother? He really gets in confusion and ends up answering “I love both of my parents equal.” It was his heart that wanted them so equal. It is because he felt so cared, secured and loved to be with both of them. It is because they are the one who fulfills all his needs and desires as demanded. But why the question turns out to be like,” Who shall we keep, Father or Mother? , when the same child grows up and has a successful career and good standard of living than the one his parents offered him? I wonder why such questions arise regarding the same parents who gave up everything only for the happiness of their little ones. Parents are always the parents how much grown up or successful their child be.

There is a thing one should never forget and that is, Parents are the one who made you the man with a career you are today. There are many fathers and mothers who ended up in old age homes after successfully giving their child with a career of a doctor, an engineer, an entrepreneur, and others where people make handsome money but not that enough to afford to keep their parents with them. I define a successful son as the one who can afford to stay together with his entire family (of course including the godly parents) and fulfill the demands of each member of the family like his father/mother fulfilled his when he was young. The youths today, my colleagues and other friends, never give a single second of moment for your parents to regret about giving birth to you. Just let them cherish the moment in their old age, let them stay together, let them give a toast together in your every success, let them feel proud on every step you take and let them hold their heads up for having a child like you. Be the example of a good son/daughter your parents can boast about, and just see how happy the life can be. Parents gave their most of everything for you; just don’t give them the old age home fees in return.

-Pukar Puri
NCC, Minbhawan

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